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I'm a multi-talented generalist in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Product Development with vast amount of experience in Operations, Sales and Business Development.

  • Co-Founder of Cityflo - a successful transportation firm in Mumbai which is the most populous city of India
  • Worked as a Data Scientist and Full stack developer in and - Couple of top notch AI firms
  • Technology educator - Imparting knowledge of Data Science and Full stack development to students and working professionals

Strong believer and practitioner of the Lean startup philosophy. Mechanical Engineering graduate from IIT Patna, I self taught my way into Data Science and Full stack development while being mentored by the seniors in different firms I worked at.

Interested in alpine style climbing in mountains and self-proclaimed connoisseur of good wine, coffee and music.


Happy Clients served across different domains


Projects delivered maintaining world class standards and cutting edge technology


Years of experience as Data Scientist, Full Stack Developer and Entrepreneur


Learners mentored with professional skills in Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Product development


Data Science

Building data science and analytics based solutions for startups and companies

Product Development

Building websites and products using latest backend and frontend frameworks

Artificial Intelligence

Applying to machine learning and deep learning to business problems


Teaching data science and full stack development to working professionals

Startup Consulting

Advising, guiding and helping startups with their technology, data science and operations


Setting up analytics in the products and creating custom dashboards suited to business needs

Surveys and statistical analysis

Creating and launching surveys across different domains and applying statistical techniques to extract insights

Search Engine Optimization

Optimisation of content and website design to rank higher on search engine results

Other Services

Machine Learning

Deep Learning

Backend Development

Frontend Development


Website Analytics





As someone who considers oneself a perpetual learner and I'm always excited to hear about interesting ideas and different problems that people are working on.

Do connect with me using my social media handles or even better drop me an email!

CBD Belapur
Navi Mumbai, India 400614